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Our task is to provide stress-free call center services to businesses & respective.

There are many BPO companies, but Ethan ITS is the best and one of the leading BPO services providers Company; having    the right outsourcing partner and being flexible to your specific needs can guarantee success in your business. Ethan ITS to customize the right resources and expertise can be the edge required to open magnification opportunities.o get professional BPO services for your business, hire Ethan ITS to take care of all your business needs. It is the greatest BPO service provider company.

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We Build Powerful Call Center Solution & Experiences


Ethan ITS has a team of experts that can help to sell your product and make your customers understand about you and your business because they are fluent in English and qualified to use multiple software and always be ready to answer their questions. Our Agent’s accent and choice of words calm angry customers down while guiding the conversation towards query mettle. The CSRs are satisfying and at the same time let no interaction disconnect at a dissatisfactory note.


We offer you the best outbound services at a very reasonable cost. Our expert sales team boost your business by making the highest quality appointment setting, upselling, lead generation and telesales services. Ethan ITS always makes clients’ futures bright and best to find an opportunity to take your business to the next level.


Ethan ITS offers a multiple of telemarketing solutions, which we can cater to our client’s specific requirements. Scope of activity that we can provide. Our agents are qualified on a regular basis on customer service strategy, outbound good manners, selling abilities and culture based activities.


Ethan ITS inbound call center service can be customized to meet your demands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ensure that all agents are empowered to increase the services you provide. With many of the agents having lived in Europe and the USA, they have a thorough grip of the diverse cultures of these areas.


If you’re not there to answer questions and help your customers, your business is at risk of them leaving. Let us help to stand your business standing, we are a live chat support group that can offer your customers the support that they need. Live chat is the best way to go beyond your customer’s expectations and improve customer experience when communicating with them. We can solve customer’s problems faster and improve customer satisfaction.


Ethan ITS is expert in finding the prospects data and sending your information about what you offer them and we are experienced at this campaign. And sending emails is an important way of business communication that is fast, cheap, accessible and easily replicated. We are also experts in making possibilities to boost your business.


Ethan ITS has an in-house team of expert developers who can develop custom-built software depending on your needs. We use a precise methodology with which we promote your software provide. With many of the agents having lived in Europe and the USA, they have a thorough grip of the diverse cultures of these areas.


Email Communication Management

Data Entery

Transcription Service

System Updating

Back Office Services


Ethan ITS is one of the leading offshore recruitment branches providing staffing support to a number of high profile offshore projects.

If you are in production where margins are tight and response time needs to be fast, then Ethan ITS offers you cost-effective offshore hire services and solutions. Our team helps you in developing an efficient and scalable hiring process, keeping your character of business in consideration. We also design utilized metrics to quantify the success factor of the enlisting processes.

Offshore hire, also referred to as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), is the process of having work done for your business using knowledgeable staffing solutions from countries with lower labor costs. As we know IT, sales, and administrative roles are fulfilled for businesses across the world from countries such as Pakistan, India, Dubai, U.S., and the Philippines.provide. With many of the agents having lived in Europe and the USA, they have a thorough grip of the diverse cultures of these areas.

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